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  • Riona looked at her dad. Whatever he wanted to say was obviously very serious.
  • In her worried state, she tried to recall the events of the past few days so as to know what might be the issue but she could not pinpoint on any possible thing that had happened or that she might have done to annoy her dad. As far as she knew, everything was going well between them.
  • Still in her quest to know what her dad would want to say, her mind drifted to Maeve and Riley. She was surprised to realize that it had been a long time since her dad had bothered her with Maeve and Riley. And she felt that he had come to accept that she doesn't want anything to do with them.
  • On the issue between her dad and Maeve, Riona discovered that there was nothing to show that he was seeing Maeve some other place. On her part, Riona has stopped sneaking on her dad neither had she tried to bother herself on anything concerning Maeve anymore. She has resolved that as long as he does not bring it home, then it was not her business.
  • Having exhausted all possible topics, Riona wondered what then her dad would be so desirous of discussing with her. If it is about school, she has been at her best this session and since there was no issue with school, then there was nothing to discuss about that. Having searched and realized that she could not come up with anything, she replied. “What about dad?”
  • Wright inhaled. He took some time to access his daughter and he saw before him a girl that is growing into a pretty lady. Then he continues.
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