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  • Wright drove into the restaurant, parked his car in the car park in front of the restaurant and he stepped out. As he walked down the premises of the restaurant, he was a little nervous as he not sure of how tonight would go. Actually, he had for long been postponing this night because he was having cold feet on carrying on with the whole arrangement.
  • He suddenly remembered that he did not inform Riona that he would be coming back late from work tonight. His plan was that this meeting would be as brief as possible and so, Riona might not even realize that he had gone anywhere after work.
  • Ever since Evolette’s demise, Wright had always gone home straight from work and he had never left Riona all to herself. Anyways, it is not as if he used to stay out late at night when Evolette was alive, just that he only become extremely conscious of this since it was just Riona at home and with his absence, she was going to be all by herself which is what he would not want to happen.
  • He imagined how she would take his absence, and since he did not want her to be worried about him, he stopped and brought out his phone from his pocket as he intends to dial her number and inform her of his whereabouts. But however, on a second thought, he decided against calling her.
  • “She can take care of herself, she is not a kid anymore” he mused.
  • He put his phone back into his pocket and continued his walk into the restaurant.
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