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Chapter 30 Meet the in-laws

  • The in-law business is serious. Or so the emperors were told by Apaa. They are to be on their best behaviour.
  • They watched as Eloy's father spent all the time talking to him, the brothers never leaving the side. It was amusing and heartening in a way.
  • Later they could actually sense that they were assessing if the two of them were worthy of Eloy. Being Kings before becoming emperors they never had to face this sort of assesment. What made it more difficult is that both of them wanted Eloy's family to like them.
  • All three of them were chatting when the King's arrival was announced. Avdeyu Ilnaya is a great warrior, the best in Arthanava in his time. They felt as if he can see through them.
  • "Father," said Eloy. There was some hesitance, some worry. It was bound to happen anyway. He would grow used to the reality soon.
  • "Eloy, I came with an invite for your husbands," said Avdeyu. He did not say emperors. Eloy looked surprised.
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