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Chapter 25 Love in North

  • Rishi stirred first. He felt Shikhar snuggle closer to him and smiled. He pressed a kiss to Shikhar's forehead.
  • This is how he wants to wake up every day here onwards. Shikhar stirred and his eyes fell on Rishi. 
  • "This is how I want to wake up everyday for the rest of our life," said Rishi. Shikhar smiled. He placed a hand on Rishi's shoulder and pulled the man down. 
  • -------------
  • Shikhar looked at Rishi as they walked side by side to the dining room. His Highness placed an arm around Shikhar who blushed because all the guards and servants were watching.
  • They sat down and soon the others stepped in. Eloy was beautifully blushing as he walked in with the smug looking emperors. In a few moments Samarth and Dhruv also joined them.
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