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Chapter 23 Civil War in the Bedroom

  • The silence was deafening in their bedroom. Adharva shed his clothes and joined his husbands in bed. There  was space between Mithraos and Eloy.
  • "You should listen to what he has to say for himself," said Adharva as he pulled the comforter over the three of them.
  • Eloy looked at Mithraos. On seeing Mithraos' face, Eloy felt bad.
  • "In all honesty, I was not trying to upset you," said Eloy running his hand through his husband's cheek, looking at the red rimmed eyes.
  • "What you said is true. I deserved that and much more. I - I knew you would be torn apart by the wolves and I - I let it happen. I always used to justify the distance thinking you are a royal and living that life. Why would it matter if I am close or not? And then, you left it all. I did not even know how to come to terms with that. I am truly regretful of the act, El," said Mithraos.
  • Eloy looked at him.
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