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Chapter 18 Danger Lurking in the Corners

  • It was unexpected, really. Who would expect the emperor to be attacked on his way to the sun temple. It was not that Mithraos wanted to go. Eloy did. Adharva refuses to enter temples and thus Mithraos decided he will accompany their one third to the temple. Eloy had bowed down to touch the idol when an arrow struck Mithraos.
  • Mithraos stood firm as he threw his knife at the offender. The guards were clearing them out of the temple as others grabbed the attacker.
  • Eloy was panicking. He never panicked in war. But here, he was. He just looked at his emperor as they rushed back. The healers saw to his wounds.
  • ----------
  • Adharva was going through royal scrolls when the guards rushed in.
  • "Your highness , Emperor Mithraos was attacked," said the guard.
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