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Chapter 14 Night of Passion

  • The lamps were bright in the bedroom of the Emperors and their High King. Eloy's legs were wrapped around Mithraos's shoulder. The man's balls brushed against Eloy's ass. Eloy came.
  • "Highness," moaned Eloy as he was pounded without reprieve. Mithraos came filling Eloy. He slowly slid out and moved. He wiped the cum off Eloy's stomach.
  • Adharva looked at Eloy who blushed again despite himself. 
  • "Take me in your mouth?" asked Adharva.
  • Eloy blushed a deeper red. He has heard of this but never imagined himself doing it. He has read about it too.
  • Eloy sat up. Mithraos watched knowing Eloy will need help. Adharva's manhood stood proud and erect. Eloy looked at the man before wrapping his lips around the manhood. He took the tip in. 
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