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Chapter 9 EIGHT

  • We are here at Primo's house in South Ridge Village, he brought me here after our hasty wedding earlier. He even wanted us to eat out for a simple celebration but I refused, I just said I was tired and I wanted to rest. But the truth is, I didn't feel the events that just happened a while ago. It feels empty, I really feel nothing. Yes, he stood up for me and the baby in my womb by marrying me, but it seems like something is missing- it doesn't seem like, because something has already been missing since the very beginning of these things. And I know very well what that is missing, love.
  • No love, I can really feel it. And it really hurts to feel something like this, emptiness and lack of love. All my life, I have been waiting for someone who can love me like the way I wanted to be loved. But then, it never happened, especially in the field of work I have. Everyone around me is just obliged to be good to me because I am Avianna Alejandro, the famous actress. Anyways, I also feel like Primo also wants to be with me. . . want, just want. And we all know very well that the word want is far different from love.
  • But what am I really fighting for? Nothing, at least I don't love him either. So we're just quits, the feeling is mutual, we don’t love each other, no deep feelings, no special emotions, maybe I'll just think of our arrangement as if it's just a big tv series or a movie, a scripted relationship, hmm.
  • I was just sitting in bed, the same bed I woke up, a month ago.
  • "Wait."
  • I thought suddenly when the door of the room where I was, just opened. I looked at the man who just entered the room, he was really very handsome in a simple t-shirt and pants. It looks like he has already taken a bath and is ready to undress for sleep.
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