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Chapter 7 SIX

  • "Do I have any choice, but to say yes?" I asked him back and he just nodded and smiled. He took something- it’s a ring pendant on his necklace. He reached for my hand and put it on my index finger.
  • "You're not prepared, are you?" I said and looked at him that also made him stare at me.
  • "Take care of this. This is my grandmother's wedding ring. And this will serve as our engagement ring, for now," He seriously said.
  • I looked at the ring, it was simple, an ancient style. But it looks expensive and really precious for this man.
  • "But... Why are you giving this to me? Is this necessary? It looks important to you, and you will just give it to me? You don't even know me and vice versa."  He just looked at me and smiled.
  • "Because you are soon to be my wife, you deserve this ring. And you will also be the mother of my child. Anyways, I haven't formally introduced myself to you, I am Primotivo Alarcon," He said to my surprise. Alarcon, so he is one of the children of a rich family in the country.
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