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Chapter 6 FIVE

  • "No! I'm out of this, Dad..." I responded strongly to what my father said. And I stood up, they could no longer appeal for my departure because they were all shocked at the rise of my voice when I refused to marry Leyla Benidez. Fuck them! If they want to arrange a marriage between our family and the Benidez then let it be Prime, not me.
  • I was quickly pulling my car along the coastal road back to Manila, when I saw a parked car in a part where there were not many houses and passing cars. And it looks like the machine is broken. So I decided to stop for a while in its direction, to offer some help.
  • I got out of my car and peeked inside the broken car, because I didn't see anyone fixing it outside. But there was also no one inside, damn it, maybe it's a haunted car.
  • When I felt hesitant I was about to get back in my car when I heard a woman crying, and instead of being afraid that it might be something creepy or scary, I still looked for where the crying was coming from. And there I saw her bent over while crying. That's why I decided to approach her, because she suddenly looks familiar to me.
  • "Miss, are you alright?" I asked and it made her look up at me, and that's how surprised I was. It's not a scary or evil creature because it's a goddess - a fallen angel, I mean because of the way she looked pitiful right now.
  • "A-avianna Alejandro?" I said in shock, and when she slightly recognized me, she looked at me badly and stood up. She slapped me on my chest. So I held her arms to stop her. What's her problem, anyway! But damn, how I miss her, I miss her soft skin touching my own skin.
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