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Chapter 5 FOUR

  • "Are you sure my secret is safe here?" I asked Dra. Hope Javier just to be sure. We are here now in the clinic of her ob-gyn friend. I need to really confirm it with a doctor because it is better to be sure that I am really pregnant, before I  get to know and have a talk with the father of my future child.
  • "Of course, just trust me. I will not harm you, okay. He was my first ever crush when we were in college but we are not compatible with each other because he is a gay. Anyways, come on, I already said that the patient I will be taking is relatively private and confidential. That’s why he didn't open his clinic today." I looked at Hope.
  • "Thanks, Hope. It's good that you're here for me. If you’re not well I really don’t know what to do anymore ..." I said, because we went straight to her friend's clinic after we found out about my case this morning.
  • I really just need to be sure first, before I take the next step to solve this thing.
  • We entered the clinic, fortunately the location was not too crowded. That's why it’s actually safe for me and my situation.
  • "Oh my gosh! Avianna Alejandro?" Dr. Carl Mendez blurted out, when I removed the hoodie from my head, and I saw how Hope slapped his back for his shock reaction.
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