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Chapter 4 THREE

  • Primotivo's POV
  • "Two cappuccino, please." I ordered. I'm here now at the Dreame cafe which is also located right inside South Ridge Village, where I also live. 
  • "This is for take out, Sir?" I just nodded in response. And sit for a while on the nearby couch to wait for my order.
  • My attention was drawn to a shelf here in the Cafe with piles of magazines where the cover was her, Avianna Alejandro. I don’t know but I stood up and took a copy of each different issue of such magazines to make sure I would get an idea about the woman that I can’t even stop myself from thinking, I paid for it and went back to my seat. I suddenly remembered what happened last night, fvck! She's good, damn it. I can still feel her soft lips on mine. And I want to taste it again ... I want to claim her again.
  • So when I got my ordered coffee, I immediately left the cafe and got in my car, back to my house.
  • And that's how I regret it that I didn’t even wait for her to wake up before leaving the house, when I find out that she is no longer in my bed, where I left her earlier. Fuck! I shouldn't have left for a jog and bought coffee for the two of us.
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