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Chapter 10 NINE

  • Avianna's POV
  • I woke up because I seemed to want to vomit, ugh. Morning sickness, it is. So I immediately got up and quickly went to the bathroom. I was just throwing up water in the toilet bowl when the sliding door of the shower suddenly opened. And when I looked at it it was, "Shit! Primo, get dressed!" I was shocked when I saw Primo come out of there and he was naked. But instead of covering any cloth over his erection, he just smiled and slowly approached me. Gosh! He looks like a demigod coming down to earth from the heavens, to sow lust. I want to turn a blind eye because he's so rude to show me his big thing! But the sinfulness of what I see, can’t obliged me not to look at it so I stare at it even more, because I feel like I want to touch the--
  • "Hey you, wifey! Stop staring at it," he said playfully. That made me look up at his very handsome face. But suddenly I felt nauseous again, and I felt him caressing my back as I vomited in the toilet bowl.
  • "Are you okay?" I just shook my head in response. I'm not really okay but I know this is just a normal thing especially since I'm pregnant. I feel that Primo just continues to support me and I also know that he is still uncovered! Because I can feel his little monster poking, "You already know Avi, it's just not that little!" Fine, I can feel his hard, long, and big thing hitting my back …
  • "Damn it, Primo! Get dressed, your manhood is already touching behind my back! I can't concentrate on my morning sickness! " I scolded him and turned to him, and I didn't estimate our distance so I hit him unintentionally which resulted in him being out of balance, so he lay down a bit on the bathroom floor, with me.
  • The two of us just stared at each other, while in an awkward position, because I was already on top of him and I could feel the hard object touching my ass. So I tried to stand up, but he wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging me, close to his nakedness and to prevent me from creating any movement away from him.
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