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Update: 2021-11-24

Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

  • A ring? A thing that is so beautiful to wear...
  • An accessory to your fingers -
  • A jewelry, a simple jewelry.
  • But I did not expect that this simple thing would give me a more complex life. A life I never dreamed of having but just happened to me in an instant.
  • In the blink of an eye, everything changed -
  • Avianna Alejandro, a famous personality in the field of media and television - an actress, a rising star, a public figure... but because of the behavior she shows off cam, many also criticize her. But no matter what issue she is involved in, it has never been a reason for the downfall of her career. She is still in demand, many still love her– idolizes and admires her.
  • Engr. Primotivo Alarcon, a famous engineer and CEO of a large Construction Firm - Alarcon Construction Corporation. Handsome, athletic, but very serious and mysterious. A well-known rich bachelor, so many women admire him and stumble. His name is also always associated with famous personalities, whether local or international stars. But of the hundreds linked to him, he never admitted that he was really in a relationship. He wants a private and exclusive life but then because he is an Alarcon it will never happen, he is bound to be one of the media's favorite centers of attention. But even so, he still chose to be as private as possible.
  • But because of one night, everything changed - a night they all thought was just for fun, a normal night out should be with friends. But then the supposedly only a game, ended up in a hot sharing night of two different worlds.
  • An event that changed the lives of Avianna Alejandro, the famous actress, and Engr. Primotivo Alarcon, the mysterious cold hearted rich bachelor.
  • "I escaped the eyes of the media, and went with Primo. I chose him, I gave up my career for him, because I have no other choice but to choose him. Actually I have another choice but I do not want a mistake to be solved by another mistake. And I think it's just easy to be a wife, because I already had that role before and I played it well, I even won the best actress award in that movie. But damn, at first it was happy, but as time went on, it seemed like my decision to marry him was wrong, it was wrong to wear the ring he gave me - I thought it was just a simple jewelry, you just have to wear it and everything’s gonna be okay and alright but I was wrong because it wasn't that easy to stand up for it. Actually memorizing a script is much easier rather than following the instructions in a cookbook recipe." - Avianna Alejandro