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Chapter 7 JARREL

  • After the incident with Jade at the hospital I was more certain that this was the woman I want to spend my entire life with. Each moment I drop her off to her place I would feel so empty like as if part of me had been taken away. It was now decided the wedding preparations that had been going on had to be finalized. The two trusted Ninjas of my dad Gill and Gad were also helpful to give us guidance on what should be done on the royal wedding preps and ceremony to assure and affirm the groom and the bride as acceptable and compatible to each other. Juan always met with them for any physical activities.
  • Everything was well set; one of the requirements of the ritual was not to see the bride before all rituals were flawlessly executed, and that we shall receive superior guidance through our intuition. I needed to stay calm and serene throughout the entire ceremony so that I do not to get in the way and interrupt the process. It was a painful practice but befitting to be performed.
  • When I saw Jade walking down the aisle with Julian I had a jaw drop moment. She was extremely stunning, totally transformed, very unusual from the lady I just dropped last night, she was letting out the aura of a real princess, very elegant, well poised, the word gorgeous was insulting to describe her, and she looked more like a goddess. It was a torturing moment for me to stay calm and act all gentlemanly, but I did it for the sake of our marriage. After all the protocols had been done guests went at the underground of the villa were there was a restaurant and a bar for entertainment.
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