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Chapter 5 THE PRINCE

  • JARREL After I dropped Jade to her place yesterday, I felt empty; I had been looking after her from afar, now I cannot wait to make her mine. Our parents made a clever choice here and that is the reason why I will go back home and become a Prince but only with Jade by my side. I am only left with five days to make Jade mine, will she agree? As usual when I arrived home I will get an update of what happened at the palace, today I was not interested, I went straight to my bedroom and slept without even taking a shower, I didn't want Jade's smell to vanish. Will Jade love me the way I do, every time this question pops in my mind I get so distressed. 2 AM I was awake; I took a shower and went out to wait for Jade at the entrance of her apartment. Since then I never slept, I didn’t want to miss any move of hers. Juan kept calling me to ask if I was in any mission, whether I needed backup or not , he was just blabbering on and on , he just wanted to know where I was, I ignored his calls and messages, can't he just leave me alone for ones!. Jade came out of the house all dressed up like a successful business lady, I was totally impressed, there is nothing more charming like a woman who understands what she wants and go out to get it. Her walk was that of a princess, she’s got that unique aura that I can’t even explain. I know she didn’t recognize me as I had changed cars, she just gave me that look when I opened the door for her, I wanted to give her a tight hug and a deep kiss, I wanted to really appreciate her, but I couldn’t. HHer presence in the car was just enough for me, her fine dimples when she smiles warms my heart deeply. Only I know how much I restrained myself from devouring her, remember, I don't want to scare her away, I really want her to fall for me without struggling. I do read romance novels to try helping me arrest the heart of this woman. I do not know how to tell her about us, her family, my family, who I really am, I have no clue. She is a beautiful woman, of all the times I had been keeping an eye on her, there was never a boy in her life, she did not befriend any, and this makes me wonder, how can she be so cold towards men or maybe she is waiting for her prince charming? We arrived to the office in no time, I could see she was surprised to see me walking with her to the private elevator, I gave her no chance to ask questions, I could feel her tension, and she was frowning time and again. Another awkward moment is when she arrived at the top floor, she had a lot to ask because she was surprised by what she saw. She looked at me in search of answers but I ignored her, I wanted this day to permanently get registered in her mind so that she can narrate it to our children in one of the days not far from now. I waited for her to wake up after she fainted in my office; I know she will ask a lot of questions. I am complete with Jade, as she was sleeping in my bed it was like all the happiness I had been missing has come pouring. I felt complete; I just sat there looking at her. SSince she was young Mandy told me that Jade has this tendency of getting a headache and then blackout, medically they assume that it might be caused by the torture she suffered when she was young. I was looking at her getting off the bed, she was still in awe but quickly composed herself, when she fell in my arms, I felt heat rushing over my body instantly. She asked me, 'why were you in the president's office earlier,' I told her we are still in the office and I am the president of this company, I never intended to hide this from her in the beginning, I even narrated the words she said the previous day when I asked her what she thought about the president. She continued to ask more questions, about how I knew her and all the like. "Are you ready to listen to all I have to say to you, the time is fifteen minutes after midnight, I am going to tell you everything without holding anything back?" She nodded in agreement, "let’s eat first" I asked her, then she refused instantly shaking her head continuously like a little baby. I immediately understood how badly she wanted to know the truth . "Jade um the mysterious man who had adopted you fifteen years ago, I am the one who sponsored you and took care of you financially all these years. I also know your real family in which you were born from, the reason I did not take you back to them is because your stepmom was the reason of your abduction, and she thinks you are dead. YYour father had tried to find you, but I made sure they didn't get any information about your whereabouts, only two years ago did I leak out some clues that you are alive for your father's sake. I and you grew up together and we are royals, your mother Isabella Mathur is a distant relative to my mother Nancy Rathore, therefore we were meant to be married when we grow up in order to intensify the relationship of the two families. It is unfortunate that the same year your mother died it’s the same year I ran away from home and the city I came to is also were the kidnappers brought you. I don’t even know if this was fate or not. I was staying in the same orphanage you grew up in, one night when we were driving home with matron Mandy we saw a little girl lying in the middle of the road, we stopped the car only to find that it was you. I stayed in the orphanage only for two months and I asked Mandy to keep you at her house away from the orphanage for fear that the kidnappers will trace." There was dead silence for almost an hour after I revealed the truth to Jade. I waited patiently for her reaction; I couldn't anticipate her next move for her face went pale with no emotion to read through. After a long while she asked with a teary voice, 'where is my dad "J" is he alive', my heart skipped when she called me "J" because that's how she used to call me. Does it mean that she can now remember her past'? I quickly answered, I felt like holding her, giving her a tight hug once again... He is fine dear but you can't see him yet. 'How is Uncle Vincent and mom Nancy', "they are doing fine but they have never seen me since I left home" 'Why did you leave home...' wwhen I was about to answer her she blacked out again. I was prepared for this, Dr Julian was on standby, I pressed the button he rushed in, we took her to a temporary place we had mounted all the needed medical equipment and machines within the building, he swiftly examined her, we did a brain check, memory status examination and all other necessary checkups. All the results were positive, only that she had all different emotions coming together and she couldn't hold it. Morning came all my men came to work as usual, my office is on the eighth floor, no one is allowed here except me and all my trusted men, Jade is the only lady that ever set her foot in this floor, no one in the company knows about her as much as they don't know me. She woke up in the afternoon, very exhausted and hungry. She smiled at me and say "J, when is our wedding", I was dumbstruck, when I tried to respond, my voice couldn't come out, I just rushed to her by the bed and hugged her very tightly that she struggled to breath, I left her, looked her in the eyes, I could see love, care, happiness all this at once, I kissed her, I wanted her to feel all my love, she responded so well, we kissed passionately that I nearly got carried away, Dr Julian cleared his throat then we both stopped and looked at the door. 'Jay please allow my patient to rest a little bit more, she is still weak otherwise I will throw you out of this building' said Julian mockingly. I rubbed my nose and left, before I could close the door Jade called for me, 'please doctor let him stay'. Julian hummed in annoyance and left. Like Juan, Julian is one of the few friends I have, we met at military school, we are age mates, and from there we vowed to be by each other's side no matter the circumstance. Jade are you fine with us getting married the day after tomorrow. I asked while looking down at her hands, she lifted my face and said, even today um fine, I'm sorry for making you wait this long, wait... are you my secret admirer? OH no 'J' you're too much, she shyly looked at me and pecked me on the chick. Jay I fell in love with you the first time I saw you at the graduation ceremony, I had been refraining from showing my love for you because my life was a mess, this is the reason I never had any boyfriend at college, I didn't want to complicate my life any further than it was. I looked at her and said Princess Jade you are my happiness, you complete me, I love you more than my life. We hugged each other tightly for a while then we kissed passionately once more, she is a good kisser, her hands started moving all around my body, I could feel her shaking, but she continued with her touches, I was sweating and I knew if we don't stop this will lead to something else but I couldn't stop, I started touching her also, she mourned, damn it Jade, I felt like devouring her right then. I stopped and told her that we getting married tomorrow can't wait to make her mine; she smiled and said you are a real man Jay. I can still not believe that Jade agreed to marry me without any sweat, oh my God this is amazing, she will not regret her decision, I will vow to make her happy for the rest of her life!