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  • Vincent and Nancy Rathore are Prince Jarrel's parents, born to them also are Rekha and Reema the two young sisters of the Prince. The Rathore family has a long history in power, of over a century. They are prominent in G city and the whole country at large. In terms of wealth they are also comparable to none, as they are the ones leading out of the four wealthiest families in country B. The descendants of the Rathore’s are gifted in both leadership and business. All these good deeds of this family had been forgotten since Jarrel left home fifteen years ago, darkness had befallen the Rathore’s, King Vincent's health had also been at stake, for all these years he had been looking for his son but he could not find him, he only had one thought that Jarrel was dead. You can even think so too, given the power they had finding Jarrel was as good as finding a rat in an empty sack. According to tradition the reigning Prince had to take over the throne when the sitting King reaches sixty five years of age. The most oppressing day of all the fifteen years, the King didn't know what to do or what to say to his people. Some family members who had been eyeing the throne saw this as an opportunity to strike in and this brought pain to the old King, He wished all this was a dream he could wake up from. King Vincent is only left with twenty five days to be precise for him to give up the throne for he had no other sons apart from Jarrel. He had to decide to transfer the power of attorney and the throne to his younger brother Victor if the gods are in agreement, so he left his fate to the gods this made the king and the Queen to be in great distress, they just hoped for a miracle to happen. In a secluded and private area of city F there was an exceptional villa, from afar you wouldn't think there were any buildings behind as the place was filled with a forest of trees from the front all the way to the backyard. At first sight you would think it was an orchard or forestry. The villa is first-class, if not of the location you would think it was a palace, or maybe a billionaire's mansion, from the entrance of the villa there was a layout of all the precious stones you could think of, every flower pot found in the entrance were made out of lime stones, the floor tile to the main entrance of the villa was all granite, it was used so that it could resist weathering and abrasion , all the pillars around were made out of marbles, fine touches of sandstones could be blurry seen from around the building. The interior of the house was trimmed with sapphires, the floor tiles were mainly emerald, the knobs and door handles had a touch of ruby red and pink sapphire. It was breathtaking to look around this mansion; anyway that's a story for another day. In one of the private rooms of this villa, there was a video surveillance room. It looked much like a security control room because of the number of cameras and monitors on display, there stood a handful of men who were watching something quietly. "It is now time for me to strike and reveal myself to the entire world; I had been in the hiding for quite a long time now". "Yes boss, but what about your wedding"? "It will happen in ten days time, just make sure you don't lose track of anyone". TThese happens to be the mansion of Jarrel, the Rathore mansion and all daily activities happening there, any developments could not escape Jarrel's sight, two most powerful trusted ninjas of King Vincent works for Jarrel and the King is not aware of this, they only communicate through voice and video calls, they are not aware of what he had become or where he stays. They only know how he had grown up, with their help Jarrel managed to set up hidden cameras at the Palace. It’s been two weeks exactly since the graduation took place, Jade has not heard from her friend Rita or her secret lover, she seemed lonely, this day she decided to go out and drop some few applications at some big companies for internship as she did not have any work experience. She was standing near a very tall building, with the words GROOVE ELITES written in bold, her heart was throbbing like as is if it would escape the rib cage, everyone dreamed of working in this company, rumors have it that any exclusive talent can gain access to it. Jade wanted to try her luck but lacked the courage to go through. Juan, Jarrel's confidant and private secretary was standing next to him and reported, "Boss, madam returned without getting into the company, He responded, "you know what to do. " yes" As soon as Jade arrived at her rented apartment, she took out her mobile to update her mother, the matron at the orphanage on how she went, before she could make a call, there was an incoming call of an unknown nnumber, she picked it up and answered lazily, a voice from the other end left her astonished, she quickly put on her sandals and went back to the mall. At the entrance of Groove Elites stood two men who were waiting for her, as soon as she arrived they ushered her to the HR Department, she was given an offer letter which stated that she will report for duty on the following day. She didn't know how to react, she took the letter and left the office in a confused state, she did not even realize when she got on the middle of the road, she was awakened by the sound of car brakes and she just froze unable to make any move, the driver came out took her into the car and drove to a nearby bus stop. After making sure that Jade was calm, he asked her the address and they drove off. "What is your name"? asked Jade "Jarrel" "I am Jade, can you believe I just got a job from one of the prominent companies in the city, to my surprise, I am appointed as the special secretary to the president, anyway how can I expect you to believe, while um still in disbelief myself". "Do you know the president"? With her eyes wide opened she said.." don't you already know, he is a mystery, some say he is an old man, some say he is ugly that is why he is not showing himself to the world, some say he is a cripple.. "What are your thoughts about him"? “Does it matter what I even think", "YES" "Well I think he is a handsome young man who doesn't what to be distracted by the noise of ladies out there". She was serious when saying all these; JJarrell just looked at her in awe and just hummed in response. Here we are, see you soon, Jade jumped off J's car and ran to her apartment without looking back. Inside the house Jade was feeling guilty of her behavior with Jarrel earlier, she felt so comfortable with him that she chatted freely, what if he misinterpreted it, she thought. I have to keep my distance next time, wait! WHAT!? Did I even say next time..? Oh God what's happening with me? She felt dizzy and had some blurry images of her mother and some people; she fell on her bed and slept. Jarrel arrived home a little bit late than usual, he asked about the progress at the Rathore’s and he went to his bedroom immediately. He stayed quiet for a while and called for Juan, as he arrived he said quickly, plan for a private wedding in our garden, call the marriage registrar here, only you and the bodyguards will be present, oh, don't forget to invite the matron of the orphanage too. Juan was confused and he asked Boss did you propose to madam already", "very soon I will... Victor came with his son at the Rathore palace for him to familiarize himself with the place. His son Jeff had just arrive from London, he had too much pride and was very disrespectful, he didn't greet anyone in the living room, he headed straight to the throne and sat on the chair and wore the King's crown, immediately it was as if he was struck by something invisible, he fell down unconscious, everyone rushed to him for they all knew the meaning of what happened, he was being rejected as he was not the Prince. Victor was really scared as he pleaded with his brother to do something or even perform a ritual if need be for Jeff to be worthy of the throne. The old King dismissed him by saying he will consult the council first. Jeff was taken to a guest room; they waited for him to be conscious as the royal family doctor assured them that he will be fine. He woke up at midnight, everyone was by his bedside with his father holding his hand, he looked around slowly and said, "What are y'all doing here, don't you know anything about privacy"? His father said son you had been unconscious for almost nine hours, he blurted, t-t-t-this wizard had something to do with it, father, just throw him out already this is my palace, I’m the king here.. there was silence in the room, The Old King was the first to leave the room, Victor ran after him and knelt down before him and pleaded... please brother forgive his foolishness he is just a spoiled brat... Jeff lashed out to his father... dad I can't believe you kneeling down before this old hag, are you not the one who told me that he tricked you of the throne some years ago, he is a thief, stop begging him and kick him and his dogs out of this palace. Victor bowed down his head in shame, he was even afraid to reprimand Jeff for he knew he will lash out all the secrets in anger, again he was just an immature child. Everyone left the room in silence leaving the father and son duo....