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8\. Evidence by Applied Psychology

  • A new kind of evidence has appeared of late in Detective Stories that is not
  • deduced from an inanimate clue or voluntarily spoken by a witness. It is the
  • scientific procedure known as applied psychology. It necessitates apparatus
  • with such impressive names as kymographs and tachistoscopes and ergographs;
  • and it may be learned in its general plan from Professor Münsterberg's book,
  • "On the Witness Stand."
  • This science aims to assist and serve such fields of practical life as
  • education, medicine, art, economics and law. But the book in question
  • considers only problems in which psychology and law come in contact. They deal
  • essentially with the mind of the witness on the witness stand and their
  • purpose is to turn the attention of serious men to this science. The detective
  • writer who wishes to make a point of the credibility of testimony of witnesses
  • cannot do better than to make a close study of the principles set forth in
  • this book.