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Chapter 7 We Are Not Lesbians

  • My eyes popped out of their sockets and my mouth fall even open at the sight in front of me. There they were , Lucas and Lanna with both of them damn naked. '' oh ! My goodness , the dumbass had a body for heaven's sake. The big nine inch c**k , l was thinking about yesterday was now in my view , drilling in Lanna's p***y hole filling her up to the brim.
  • ''Oh ! God err noo......'' , Even though I was trying to refuse Lanna's offer , it was fucking unbelievable. I had taken a long assed time without having a rock hard d**k buried deep in my dripping wet p***y and with this scene in front of me , l felt like my p***y and c**t was being punished , because l now wanted to have Lanna's head buried deep in my legs. '' No no no no Rinna , you have to get another apartment '', The thought lastly flowed in my mind and with that l turned on my heels and ran into the living room.
  • After having a sight of Luca's c**k , l sat in the sofa settee uncomfortably. '' Oh ! God l really need to go and pack up my stuff and get out of this house i'mmediately '' , I kept talking to myself as l shut up my thighs. I had decided to switch on the television but hell no , with the sight of Luca's d**k in my mind and my best friend's moans , l kept closing up my legs tightly.
  • My c**t was pulsating furiously with need , need to be rubbed roughly or to be suck but then who for heaven's was ready to do that. l currently had no boyfriend and l don't do one night stands , secondly Lanna invited me to join them but then there is no way , am ready to go and join Lanna and Lucas.
  • Right l want to feel her boyfriend's c**k buried balls deep in my p***y , to f**k me until am senseless but then there is no a way it feels ridiculous. He is Lanna's boyfriend and imagining his c**k in me makes feel like a bad best friend. '' Rinna come back ..........'' , Before l could finish up my sentence , the half nude Lanna was already shockingly sitted next to me.
  • '' Rinna darling why are you torturing your self ? '', She asked while wrapping up her sweaty arms around my shoulders. '' lol ! What do you mean by that ? '', I tried to fake up a smile on my face thou the sex and masculine scent of Lucas she was smelling was making my panties more damp wet, torturing me more just as she had said it.
  • ''What you mean you didn't hear us making out ? '', She asked staring at me with eagerness written all over her face. '' Oh ! My God , what the f**k happened to my best friend ? '', I first asked myself inwardly before retorting back to her. ''I didn't hear anything , l have been watching some news Witt my mind focused on that '', A lie rolled out of my lips but then when her fingers slowly fall on my breasts in my nightie , l felt like widening up my legs and tell her to rub my c**t .
  • Right since we are best friends , she had been hugging me but then now just her touch makes me have Sparks , some thing which am hating myself for , how could a girl even fall for another girl ? , It sounds so ridiculous that's why am refusing her offer. '' Rinna you honestly lying to me '', Her whisper made me to come back to reality.
  • '' lol am not lying '', l replied with still my fake smile on my face. ''Oh ! God , lol l Know you , you my sweet best friend but don't worry you soon joining us after all you have not had sex for a long period of time just imagine his c**.... in that tight p***.. '', She said the last words in a low whisper.
  • '' Lanna will you please stop that , am fade of your ridiculous suggestions. '', At that l unwrapped her hands from my shoulders.'' You right when you say that l have not had sex for a pretty good time but with your suggestion my answer is No cause not every one involves on having sex '' , l continued and before she could say anything else , l turned on my heels and ran upstairs to my room.
  • ''. oh ! My God , what am l now going to fucking do ? '', As soon as l slammed the door behind my back , l asked myself baffled. Lanna's plan was not good but then my body wanted it , l was burning down with need. '' How l wish ...... I wish I had my toy '', Regrets began to feel up in my mind and the more l continued to recall Luca's d**k drilling roughly in Lanna's p***y , is the more I felt my p***y clench with need and out the sudden , l ended up with my fingers touching my dripping wet lace thong .
  • Waking up with some one eating my fucking p***y ,and rubbing my c**t roughly just like the way l wanted it was the last thing l last expected to happen. '' Oh ! My goodness before all the gods , who the f**k is it ? '', I wondered as l rubbed my swollen eyes from sleep before l bit my lower lip to prevent myself from moanig. Whoever the f**k he or she was , he or she had my legs spread wide open with my p***y in his or her view and he / she was a f******g expert.
  • '' Oh ! God no this is a f*****g sin '', With my heart beating rapidly in my chest , l face palmed before I forced myself to sit up. '' Lanna again you for heaven's sake , oh my goodness this is f******g '', My eyes i'mmediately popped out of my sockets when l noticed that my best friend was the one sucking , eating and licking my moist p***y lips.
  • '' Good morning sweetie my best friend '', She shamelessly greeted me with a smile on her face... '' Are you seriously for real Lanna ? '', I asked seeing the situation l was in like a surreal.... '' Am f******g for real Rinna darling '', She surprised me when she said every word with lust and desire evident in her eyes and before I could say anything, she ran her palm over my dripping wet p***y.
  • '' Lanna let's us be f******g serious '', I murmured while trying to close up my legs but then she was seated in between my legs....As best friends it was not her first time to stare at me while am f*****g naked but right now l had my pink p***y lips in her view plus my p***y hole... '' Rinna am f******g s.......'', . '' You seriously insane Lanna , you talked me about a threesome not you becoming a lesbian '', With anger boiling up in my body , l didn't allow her to complete up her sentence.
  • '' it's still f******g same Rinna , l told you about a threesome because I need you as a spice , l would have found another girl but then Its you l do like. '' '' Before l could respond she reached out and crashed her lips on mine.... Oh ! God's help , Lanna is f*****g insane this is not the Lanna my best friend l knew before , this one was f*****g different... Oh ! God in my puzzled state she reached out and bit my lower lip which made me to moan which was a victory for her because she slipped her tongue in my mouth.
  • '' No Lanna get off me , you disgusting b***h '', When l felt her run her middle finger over my p***y lips , I immediately pushed her away...This was too much for heaven's sake. '' Lanna am not a f*****g lesbian as you think and you no longer my best friend '', I spat out before covering myself with a blanket. '' Am gonna even get........'',
  • '' Rinna here me out before you say anything else, l know am sorry but as your best friend am f******g tired of seeing lonely and Sexually tortured just because of the promise you made ,you refused to join us that's why l have decided to pleasure you myself'', She explained everything to me as she sat down away from me. Hearing her reason , l felt like crying. She was my best friend and her reason was true , she isn't a lesbian as l thought , after losing my boyfriend in an accident , l told myself that l will never fall in love or have s*x with any man.
  • It was my promise but then since l wasn't a stone but a human being with feelings , l always slept horny and my p***y wanted to be filled up with a man's c**k. I wanted a d**k in my p***y that even the toys did nothing when l tried to use pleasure myself. Even though it was demanding , stubbornly l refused to sleep with any man.
  • It's now to you Rinna sweetie , you still invited to join us but then if you don't want then l will respect your opinion '', Lanna murmured before walking out of my room humbly.