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Chapter 3 Club Time

  • The heat of our bodies was driving me nuts . I finally reached out and moved his pants down . I wanted to feel his fabric against my thin lace thong . He didn't stop me as l moved my fingers down on to his bottom . Everything was so erotic that he growled in my mouth , gripped my ass tightly then held me tightly against him.
  • At this moment , l was a ball of sounds myself , l was panting and whimpering into our kiss in deep desperation . I felt dominated , owned and helpless in everyway possible . I didn't want him to stop , l just wanted him to dry hump me more hardly . However just as l was in need , my world soon enough ended up when he pulled away from the kiss . He also stopped moving my hips and reached out then zipped up his trouser .
  • " What ? Why ! " , My mouth fall open in disbelief . " You don't want to keep your friend waiting , do you ? " , he asked with his eyebrows raised up . " Are you a stalker?" , I asked . " Maybe ! But you really need to leave before she comes for you " , He replied before he helped me stand on the ground with my wet panties.
  • However before I could walk away , he all of sudden quickly reached out and pinned me once more against the wall . " Let me hope we meet again " , he said while brushing his mouth over mine . Before l could respond , he hurriedly made his way out of the stall . " Was that heavenly real " , As soon as he departed , l asked myself in disbelief . Everything that happened felt unreal but then pulsating of my clit proved me that it wasn't dream .
  • " I need to forget about that , okay ? " , I murmured to myself while staring at myself in the mirror . After pulling myself together , l pulled both my suit pants and shoes on , picked up my wallet , washed my hands that walked out of the stall . As soon as I was out of the stall , l walked out of the store without even Looking at the snacks , l wanted to buy for my brother . I had already many hours in the bathroom and l didn't want to keep Kaiser waiting .
  • " Dude you look like a cherry red , are you okay ? " , Kaiser blurted out as soon as I made my way to her . " Let's go party , just like you said " , I replied while making my way to my car . " What's wrong Jennie , why have you now accepted ? " , She asked . " I want to forget about that shit job , let's go party " , I uttered out before starting my car .
  • The hours in the day flew quickly , we didn't actually make our way to the club , l first made my way to Kaiser's house , chatted and when it was night , we dressed up and beelined to the club . The sounds of the heels clicked on the floor as we walked in the club . We made it to the barstools . " Finally , Jennie goodbye , enjoy yourself" ,Kaiser immediately walked away, leaving me alone on the counter.
  • " He'llo darling , what can l get you " , The woman who was a bartender asked . " A dry martini , a very dry " , l responded . " Tough day ? " , She asked . At her question , I took a look at her . She had red hair , big eyes , rather pale , she was a tiny woman but with big breasts . " You have no idea " , l rolled my eyes at last after checking her out .
  • " Well if you want to blow off some steam , am not available " , Her reply shocked me . " Am not a lesbian ", l laughed . " I know but there's a handsome man who hasn't taken his eyes off you ever since you stepped in here " , she winked at me . " A handsome man ? ", I turned but the moment l did , my eyes immediately snapped open when l saw that the man sitting on the burgundy couch was the same man , l was with in the stall.
  • Our eyes locked up for moment and remembering me , he stood up and walked towards me . Seeing him , I turned back to face the counter . However as l was concentrated on my martini , I felt my barstool being turned around . " We have met again " , he said in his deep husky voice. " Yeah ", l smiled shly . " How about when you join me " , He murmured and after nodding my head , he led me to his couch . He made me sit on the couch and he sat next to me . For the first minutes ,we were silent taking wine but I couldn't stop looking at him . He was so damn handsome .
  • It was like my eyes were drawn to him because instead of taking my martini , l was staring at him . " So tell me , why have you come in this club , I have never seen you in it " , His eyes bore into mine as he tilted my chin up to look at him . " It's just ... " , I stuttered when l looked at him .
  • " Don't interrogate the lady further Alec " , Came a rather thick voice as l was thinking about the words to say . Hearing that rough voice and a good American accent made me to turn to see the person who had disrupted us . He was shockingly a hot guy and dressed up in a black suit just like Alec, the man l was with in the stall .
  • " I don't interrogate women , Daniel " , Alec replied to him but then shockingly as Daniel went to sit down , Alec all of the sudden pulled me into him with his hand , so I was sitting on him . At that move , I couldn't help it , my heart began to pound in my heart . Even my panties were now pooling .
  • " Forgive my friend, anyway l'm Daniel Sytaid , l didn't quite catch your name " , He said extending his hand which l took but when I did , he shockingly placed a feathery kiss on it and that messed with my head . I didn't know what was going on with them . Something seemed wrong because soon Alec breathed onto my neck , making me press my legs together in need for relief from all the tension that was building up jn the air .
  • " Am Jennie " , l replied trying to play it cool but then at my response, Daniel moved and sat right next to Alec .