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Chapter 2 Sweet Pleasure

  • " Don't pull up your pants when you done " , I instantly froze up when I heard a deep manly voice . " W.. who the hell is in here " , l nearly screeched and whoever was chuckled . " Another person is in here , did you even hear my request " , I heard the voice again . " This might be a little girl playing a game with me " , l shrugged my shoulders .
  • Luckily the voice didn't say anything more and l did a silent punch in the air in relief . It had to be some girl who was totally skilled and wanted to scare the shit out of another female . She definitely succeeded and l was now hurrying up .
  • Quickly l pulled out some wet wipes from my wallet then dried my southern parts properly .
  • With that done , l pulled my pants up , flashed the toilet then made my way to the door . However just as l was about to go out , my arm was suddenly grabbed and l was quickly pushed against the wall . " Ouch ! " , I wanted to react as a beast but l was to unprepared for this and to make matters worse it was a humongous man in front of me .
  • My mouth was covered up by his big hand and my struggling body was sealed between the wall and his body . " I want you quiet , kitten " , he whispered as he slowly removed his hand from my mouth . With no solution in my head , l nodded my head in horror as l watched him walk away from me .
  • " Walk back into the stall " , he commanded again . " Why me? " , I didn't utter them loudly , l just complied to his command . I slowly made my way back in the stall as he walked behind me . Once I heard him lock the door , l instantly turned to him with my eyes dilated open . " Pull your pants and shoes off just as l had told you before " , he commanded seriously .
  • Terribly shaking , l complied again and took them off . As soon as I was remaining in black laced panties , l saw him walk more nearer to me the thing which made me to press myself on to the wall . I was trembling badly , inwardly asking for the ground to open up and swallow me . " What do you think is going to happen to you? " , His question brought me out of my reverie .
  • However before I could respond , he all of the sudden reached out and lifted me from the floor then wrapped up my legs around his waist . The situation was now worse because we were nose to nose and lips nearly brushing against each other's . " You going to.... rob me " , just as we were silent , an idea popped up in my mind and l uttered out without even rethinking about it .
  • " What will l take from you ? " ,He smiled and at that he honestly looked like a gentleman . " My .. wallet " , l still stuttered . He chuckled at my response then gripped my hair and yanked it down slightly to make my head tilt up . " I don't need money , l need what's right in front of me " , His eyes shined as he replied .
  • I couldn't say anything even if I wanted to . At my silence , he licked the outline of my lips and drew himself more closer until our lips were touching again . I didn't want to react but at that move , a whimper instantly fall out of my mouth . I just didn't know what to do , I had taken a good couple of years without having sex and now here l was pressed against the wall by a total stranger .
  • " You might have mistaken me for someone else , am not a whore " , Realization hitting me , l moved my head to the other side . " I know you not a whore " , His response didn't only shock me but even his next move did . His lips fall in the crook of my neck then he began trailing kisses to my ear .
  • " Have been watching you for years " , His breath was gentle on the lobe of my ear before his teeth slowly sank in to soft flesh . " You really sex starved , no one let's a stranger touch them just like this " , He whispered again . " You right and l just need a release " , the words fall out of my mouth in a whisper.
  • At my response , he instantly began to rub his zipped bulge against my throbbing clit . His breath was getting frantic just like mine . His other hand reached out and began to rub my ass making me rock into that thick cock . I grinded my lace covered pussy on his bulge without hiding anything . We were both horny and we stared into each other's eyes throughout the erotic moment .
  • I reached out and licked my lower lip , my intention wasn't bad but as soon as he saw me , he growled then crashed his lips over mine . He kissed me roughly while fucking me through my wet thin lace thong . He was burning , willing to fuck me hardly and roughly on the wall . I ran my hands too on his back with my eyes shut up . I was damn feeling well . It had taken me years without feeling like this .
  • Confidently wanting him , l reached out and gripped his hair , then looked in his eyes . With the kiss still going on , l was feeling like a crazy person . He was giving me the sensation that could only be felt when fingers caress that little spot on your core .