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The Sex Goddess

The Sex Goddess

Elena Rianna

Update: 2023-02-14

Chapter 1 Leave For Work E1

  • This story contains a compilation of short sex stories .
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  • " Iam leaving for work ,there is food in the refrigerator " , l said quickly to my little brother and roommate as l wore my suit coat quickly . " Jennie bring me something after work " , l rolled my eyes when I heard my little brother murmur . " I will but am late for work " , l replied as l stepped into my gray shoes .
  • After getting my key from the table , l sent a flying kiss to him then rushed out of the house to my car . However just as l was about to open the car , my phone began vibrating while lightening with the photo of my coworker Kaiser . She was just like me , a regular office worker and under paid just like the rest of the stuff . I , on the other side , l was an assistant but still l was underpaid .
  • " What's up Kaiser ? " ,I asked as l answered the phone. Sadly she didn't reply sooner . There was instead frantic sounds on her side . " Kaiser ! " , I called her again wondering what was going on , the boss didn't tell us about any event so she had to be somewhere else . " Jennie , you won't believe what is happening right now " , she lastly responded nearly out of breath .
  • " What ? " , I responded with my eyebrow lifted up . " Am ain't going to tell you right now , just hurry up and find me at the gas station , l will tell you everything " , she responded and l shook my head in disbelief . " Females are really weird " , I inwardly murmured to myself as l opened my car .
  • " Whatever am hanging up " , l retorted and without waiting for her reply , l switched off my phone then put in Diddy bag . With that done , l started my car then drove it at highspeed neck . With in only a couple of minutes , the orange painted gas station was in my view . Seeing it , l parked my car then walked out .
  • Kaiser was already there , leaning against her car. " Kaiser " , I called her as l made my way to her . " Oh ! My goodness am glad that you have come " , she said excitedly abd I rolled my eyes in disbelief . " What has happened ? , Why are you here ? " , I asked glancing at my watch .
  • " Uhmm I drove away from Ben's company , everyone was complaining about the underpayment , some caused strike and he called the police " , she explained with a smile on her face as if it was funny . I did get her point though. Ben our boss has taken us like fools for a good couple of years and it was now time for the workers to disobey him .
  • " Hey , you can drive to work if you think am lying , l just called you to save you , every worker has been tied up in the meeting room " , She distracted the train of my thoughts . " Tied up ? " , I asked but I did belief her . Ben was feared , a well-known mafia and l wasn't shocked to hear that . " What are we going to do now ? " , I added .
  • " Let's go and party , we the only ones that have survived " , I wasn't still shocked when l heard her response . That is what she always thought about . " Jennie am serious this time , we have been working our asses for the useless bastard , let's just go and party then look for the jobs tomorrow " , she added and l shook my head.
  • " Jennie , you haven't had sex for a pretty good time , let's go and enjoy ourselves " , she still murmured . Her words were annoying but l played it cool . She was right , l have been working night and day to be promoted but instead , l was underpaid every month . " Hey Jennie .... " , . " I need to use a bathroom " , l cut her off in mid sentence then ran away from her .
  • I walked away from her but still l wasn't safe . Right l wanted to pee but l was a bit scared . I was scared of going in public bathrooms . I just need know what l will encounter . What l know these public bathrooms are always dirty and people get different diseases because of them . With a wallet in my hand , l walked to the nearby store .
  • " Huh! " , My mouth fall open when l reached inside . The store was damn neat . " Bring me something after work " , my brother's words resounded in my head but with my bladder damn full , l just passed via everything then made my way into the stall . I didn't know whether it was men's or female but whatever it was , l didn't care . As soon as I reached inside , l didn't dare sit on the toilet , I just let my body let out everything and afterwards , I sighed in total relief .
  • " Don't pull up your pants when you done " , I instantly froze up when I heard a deep manly voice .