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Chapter 4 Guest

  • Before long Pamela had overtaken Pedro in almost every discipline. Not only was the little one the better student, she was also an ace at poker and baseball. She was also excellent at skiing and sat in the saddle as if she were born in it. She just didn't really like playing the piano. But she made up for her lack of talent with a lot of practice. And with the necessary meticulousness, perseverance and extraordinary hard work, Pamela managed to be among the best in the school even there.
  • Pedro had absolutely no problem with the fact that his cousin trumped him in almost all disciplines. He enjoyed the life of a rich and spoiled boy and did nothing more than was strictly necessary. Pedro was completely satisfied with himself and the world.
  • The only thing he really enjoyed was going to church on Sundays. For Pamela, however, the high mass was a real emotional burden. Sitting quietly next to Aunt Emilia for over an hour felt like agony every time, while Pedro, as an altar boy, was fascinated by the liturgy and sang the usual hymns with devotion. Later, too, his only hobby was to lead the youth group of the Catholic community. It gave Pedro an incredible joy to bring young people closer to God and to give them support through the fellowship of the church.
  • Over the years, Ernesto Canetti had noticed that his niece was not only developing into a very beautiful girl, but also that she was hiding quite a lot of brains under her red, fluffy head. It was therefore all the more bitter to realize that his son absolutely did not meet his expectations. This indoctrinated candle eater would rather pray 10 rosaries a day than stick his head even once in the books of the company of which he would one day be the sole heir.
  • On a rainy Sunday afternoon Pamela had played poker with Uncle Ernesto and Pedro. Pedro soon got rid of his few toads and got out. Pamela kept playing with her uncle until she had pulled the last dollar out of his pocket and had bills worth nearly $ 150 in front of her.
  • With an appreciative smile, Canetti watched the then only 14-year-old girl as she fixed the rolled up banknotes with her hair tie.
  • "All due respect, you blew me to death," Uncle Ernesto praised his niece with an appreciative smile. "Where did you learn to gamble so well?"
  • "Online", Pamela replied proudly.
  • He looked at his niece in surprise.
  • "So nowadays you learn it online and not in the school yard or in cheap pubs."
  • "Other times open up other possibilities," she said lightly.
  • Canetti watched Pamela hide the roll of money in her pocket.
  • "And what do you do with your winnings?"
  • "I will probably use it as a poker stake."
  • "Aren't you afraid of losing so much money gambling?" Uncle Ernesto asked, now really curious.
  • "Not really," Pamela smiled mischievously at her uncle. “Poker is not a pure game of luck as many believe, but has a lot to do with strategy like in chess. You also have to distinguish whether you play for pure lust or addiction, or whether you want to earn money with it. ”
  • “ And what do you want? ”
  • “ Rip off, of course, ”she replied, as if that were the most understandable thing in the world. "That's why I choose the bad players and not those who are up to me or who play even better than me."
  • Pamela collected the cards on the table and put them back in their case.
  • "And how long have you been doing this?" Asked Uncle Ernesto, interested.
  • "Almost two years."
  • "And have you already won a lot?"
  • "With the $ 150 in my pocket and the
  • money on my savings account, it's $ 2,897 and 35 cents." "That's a hell of a lot of money." Canetti said, really surprised.
  • "Does Aunt Emilia give you so little pocket money?"
  • "No, Aunt Emilia is very generous," said Pamela. “But I can still remember pretty well that my mother was always in need of money and that there were always problems because of it. I never want to get into a situation like that. ”
  • “ I can understand that, ”agreed her uncle Ernesto and began to see the little girl in a completely different light.
  • Pamela was really happy that she could surprise her uncle so positively. Since Pamela has not let an opportunity slip by to distinguish herself in front of her uncle. Pamela began to feel no longer an uninvited guest, but a family member who was finally accepted.
  • Over the next few years, Pamela developed a close relationship with her uncle that was based on respect, loyalty and trust. It wasn't the loving father-daughter relationship that Pamela wanted. But more was simply not possible for them.