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Chapter 26 Growl

  • Karin looked very different to John than Pam. When Karin was there, he became calm. There was no stress in her life. How else could this be possible up here? Karin was a very balanced person, a woman who had found her center and lived in harmony with nature. Everything she did was clear and made sense.
  • John lay down on the bed to get some sleep. But he was too upset to find peace. He just dozed off like that. His hand slowly stroked Karin's thick quilt. Too bad she was cold and she wasn't lying next to him. But even if she slept next to him, he would certainly never have touched her, although it has been getting pretty difficult lately not to. He'd only picked up a strand of her hair now and then to smell it. John took Karin's pillow and pressed it to his face. Her scent clung to the linen of the cover. He inhaled her scent deeply a few times while John imagined kissing Karin.
  • Vigorously, John tossed the cushion back into place. He really had to pull himself together. His imagination ran away with him. No wonder it had been almost two months since he had sex. John started to unbutton his pants. His penis was hot and hard. He wanted to relieve himself and think of his passionate and voluptuous wife. He closed his eyes and pictured Pamela taking her in the shower the night before he left. It had been the absolute thrill when she rubbed her small, sexy ass against him, stretched it invitingly towards him and finally stood up to his hard blows. He imagined her delicate body, which he held tightly and possessively in his hands. But he was not stroking Pamela's, but Karin's slightly fuller buttocks, which stretched out towards him. He tried to push Karin's picture away and focused again on Pam, how her red hair had come loose from the clasp and got wet in the shower jet and had stuck to his skin. But suddenly her hair was auburn. When Pamela turned her face to him, dark, amber-colored eyes rather than emerald green looked at him with relish.
  • John felt his erection weaken and his member slacken. What was the matter with him? He loved his wife more than anyone else. Karin wasn't his type at all. John liked her as a friend and confidante, but not as a lover. Or something? It was high time he got out of here as soon as possible. Karin pushed more and more into his life and began to shake his stable foundation more and more.
  • Confused, John jumped out of bed and went back into the living room. The clock showed after 3 p.m. But there was nothing to be seen of Karin and Clyde. Dawn would soon set in and John was getting more and more restless. Karin had never been late until now. His growing restlessness was exacerbated by Bonny, who stood by the door, whimpering softly, scratching at it. John had only let the bitch out an hour ago. It couldn't be that her bladder was full again. It was getting later and later and Karin was still not at home. In the meantime it was almost dark. John panicked and Bonny barked at him demanding. Something must have happened. But what could he do? Sitting around and waiting was just not enough. Karin had warned him not to move so far from the house. But no warning, no warning. She wasn't there and she might need his help. John couldn't help thinking of the many horror stories Karin had told him about the wilderness on the long winter evenings.
  • John was scared and afraid. He couldn't wait any longer. He quickly put on his ski pants and his warm parka, took Nick's old boots from the storage room, put on his hat and took a rifle and ammunition from the closet. Bonny danced excitedly in front of him.
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