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Chapter 24 blame

  • But Karin had also started to talk about her life. John now became more and more convinced that Karin was absolutely not the crazy hermit he had initially thought she was. She had turned her back on the world not because of her misanthropic tendencies, but because this warm-hearted and sensitive woman had been deeply hurt and she wanted to find herself again here in the loneliness of the mountains.
  • It was an evening when both of them particularly appreciated each other's closeness. Karin was in a good mood so she told him her life story.
  • Karin came from Austria at the age of 18 and wanted to spend a year as an au pair in Calgary. Her host family had owned a holiday home in Japser, where Karin had often accompanied them. As an Austrian, Karin was of course an avid skier, so she had been on the slopes almost every winter weekend. She had met Nick on one of those days. Both were immediately drawn to each other and fell in love with each other.
  • Nick had been the son of well-respected and wealthy hoteliers who, in addition to the hotel, ran ski lifts and owned extensive grounds and forests. His parents hadn't been overjoyed that their older son had fallen in love with a poor foreign girl. Especially with Nick's mother, Karin was in a pretty bad position because she wanted a very special wife for her firstborn. But this woman had not yet been born, whom her mother-in-law had found suitable for her beloved son. For Nick, Karin was simply the person he was living with. He was not influenced by his mother and married the girl he loved.
  • But even months after the marriage, the relationship between Karin and her mother-in-law had not improved. She had seldom seen her father-in-law. Karin had the unmistakable feeling that he took every opportunity to avoid the bickering and bickering of his quarrelsome wife. Karin had worked in the hotel and tried to make herself useful wherever possible. Although she had tried hard, her mother-in-law always found a stumbling block.
  • She was only really happy when she spent a few days in the station with Nick. With his little seaplane they had then flown up into this quiet and remote mountain world. The family had been using a hunting lodge by one of the many small lakes for generations. Although it was forbidden to build huts in this area, this house was an exception. The cabin had been owned by the Davis long before the national park was established.
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