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Chapter 22 Flawless body

  • " Of course not, I'm just too dazed and surprised by this unexpected immersion in this romantic underwater world that I need a little time to to get ground under his feet again ”, he lied and began to undress too. While John took off his clothes, he kept his eyes on Karin, who took bath towels out of her pocket and laid them on a smooth stone.
  • He hadn't expected that either. John didn't know what fascinated him more. Before him stood a very attractive woman, whose femininity John involuntarily cast a spell on. The brown hair fell over her shoulder and covered her full, heavy breasts. Her body was so different from Pamela's. His wife was tall, slender and very slim and looked almost like a boy with her rather broader shoulders, small breasts and her sweet little apple bottom. Also, Pamela's legs seemed almost endless. Karin, on the other hand, was short, maybe 1.60 or a little more. Although she was slim, she was incredibly soft and feminine. Her breasts had lost their firm tissue from breastfeeding and were a little slack on her. But that didn't detract from her beauty. The not quite so narrow waist went into a round bottom. Her legs were well shaped and fairly toned. No wonder with the movement she made every day. Karin's posture and movements were gracefully flowing and very feminine. Her simple feeling, which was free of shame and inhibitions, underlined this special charm even more.
  • Sleek as a cat, she slipped into the water and swam into the middle of the lake. John looked after her, enchanted. Then she turned and smiled at him:
  • "What's wrong with you?" You've been staring at me long enough now. So come on into the warm water at last. ”
  • John felt caught. Had he really looked at her that long?
  • “Don't be embarrassed. You can take off your shorts. I know how you look naked. ”
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