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Chapter 17 Push

  • John did not need to be asked twice. Hungry, he began to spoon it into himself. John had never eaten anything so good. But with his terrible hunger everything tasted great that was halfway edible.
  • “You were very lucky today that you took my dogs on their trail. Very few people live in this part of the national park, ”the woman informed him.
  • “After almost two days of lonely wandering around, I noticed that too,” John smiled at his rescuer.
  • “If they hadn't worn such first-class, heat-retaining clothing, then they probably wouldn't have survived.”
  • “I'm convinced of that. So I'm incredibly grateful that you found me and took me with you, ”said John, relieved.
  • "By the way, my name is John Lombard and I come from Vancouver," John introduced himself and held out his hand to the woman, who took it gently.
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