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Chapter 14 High Price

  • Whatever the twist and turn, the Canettis would definitely be the winners. Because if the weight loss maker really helped obese people lose weight, the drug would boom and the company could then expand very soon.
  • After a few years, Pamela would have her husband pronounced dead, so that the grieving widow was the sole heir to the 35 percent of the company. After a reasonable time, Pamela would then officially buy his company shares from Philipp, so that Pamela would own the majority of the company shares. Philipp was then only an insignificant manager who could be dismissed at any time if he didn't dance to Pamela's tune. But Philipp didn't want it to come to that.
  • All these thoughts went through Philipp's mind as the helicopter flew back down into the valley. He had so hoped that John would survive the avalanche. Old Canetti had intended to take John to the afterlife in a far less spectacular way. With a shot in the head, his body would have been sunk in the sea, or it would have been processed into fishmeal.
  • But Philip had insisted that John should die believing that a natural disaster was to blame for his death.
  • Tormented by self-reproach and remorse, Philipp felt very miserable. He wanted to vomit. But he suppressed the urge of his revolting stomach. His brother now had to pay for his mistakes. That just wasn't okay. Been. Philipp had never been able to develop this close relationship with John, as was the case with other pairs of twins. But despite all the differences and differences, Philipp could always rely on John. And now he had sold his brother for a handful of pieces of silver.
  • Philipp got into John's jeep. His car was driven by the other two men who also had to return to Vancouver. Philipp had been careful to switch the jackets so that John's papers, keys and credit cards were safe. From now on he no longer had an identity of his own. He was John and had to be damned careful not to give himself away. He also called Pamela from John's cell phone:
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