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Chapter 12 Loan

  • Philipp had deliberately dropped into the snow and was waiting. He could still take out the radio and warn John. Or he simply failed to raise his ski pole and wave that the signal for the two explosives experts was to detonate the dynamite to set off the murderous avalanche. The two men had already been looking for the right places yesterday where the greatest possible exit was guaranteed.
  • They now lurked hidden behind a protruding rock and watched Philip with hawk eyes. Philipp had no choice, he had to sacrifice his brother for his own life. With incredible effort, he raised his stick and waved it. Immediately afterwards the earth began to shake and a tremendous thunder and rumble filled the mountains. A huge slab of snow had come loose and was moving at high speed straight towards John. But John reacted immediately and drove rapidly down the mountain. Philipp watched John's shot drive tense. Without realizing that he was screaming, he cheered on his brother vigorously:
  • “Come on John, you can do it. Just take the aisle to the left and you are safe. ”
  • But John overlooked the junction to which Philipp had drawn his attention so urgently and drove on the right aisle, which led directly to his doom. Philip's loud cry of desperation was drowned in the loud roar of the outgoing avalanche. The red point had reached the abyss and John was swept into the depths by the enormous masses of snow.
  • Philipp still looked spellbound at the spot where he lost sight of John. Then he yanked the radio out of his pocket and shouted excitedly into the loudspeaker.
  • “John, John! Get in touch! John, please! ”
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