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Chapter 80 Chapter 80

  • I rolled up the blanket covering half of my mother's body. Her feet kicked here and there during her sleep. She might be dreaming. One week had passed since the first time I found my mother here. Who brought her to this hospital and paid for the hospital charge was something I was trying to find out. The nurse just shared slight information regarding the person who came with my mother when she was taken to the hospital. He wanted the hospital to keep his identity. I could not force the hospital staff to leak the information. Dragging a stool nearer to the bed, I sat on the stool and rested my head next to my mother's hand. I snoozed for only a matter of hours.
  • The time on my wristwatch stuck at 5 in the morning when I opened my eyes. All night long, I slept in my seat. My mother was still paralyzed in her dream. But again I needed to fix the layer securing her body. I strode to the door, slowly unlocked it, and slipped out. Only silence I came across along the corridor. The patients were being trapped in their sleep. Not even one nurse I encountered outside.
  • Reaching the park, I stretched my arms wide while inhaling the fresh air. Only big two or three big trees, swarms of flowers or other plants, benches, and bushes shadowed by darkness accompanied me in this area. After doing warming up and exercise, I lounged at one of the benches.
  • A nurse came over when I was relaxing. That tall woman in white nurse attire notified me that my mother had been awake and looked for me. In a hurry, I trekked back to the room where my mother was in.
  • "Mom... Do you need something?" Heading directly toward my mother who was staying on her bed, I anticipated she might need help. She never searched me before even I was away. She seldom said my name every time we were together though everything got better lately. She was no longer distant.
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