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Chapter 78 Chapter 78

  • Was it a coincidence to encounter him here? Why was he in the mental hospital? Did one of his family members was being hospitalized here too? His eyes still locked mine. It was only when a person was about to pass through the door, we jolted back to reality and moved aside.
  • "Why are you here?" I muttered a question. He was trying to mask his nervousness. His trembling lips could not hide that. He did not try stalking me, didn't he?
  • "I...what about having a coffee?" he suggested. That was not too bad as I came here to have my breakfast. I gave a slight nod and came with him to the seat by the wall on the left side of the room. This canteen was bustling at this hour. The visitors were mostly the family of the patients besides the hospital medical staff. It was a simple place with an elegant design. Green coated all wall areas. Big fan spinning around on the ceiling kept the room cool though many visitors were coming. The chairs and tables were well organized. The waiters and waitresses were walking around, approaching the visitors at their tables. They noted down their orders.
  • "What brings you here? It is not because there is one of your family members who..."
  • "No," he cut my sentences. "I am worried about you. That night, when you kneeled on the earth and cried. I thought that something bad might occurred. So, when you scooted away and got in the taxi, I went after you. Sorry, I did not mean to stalk or something. Well, I am afraid that you were in trouble at that time."
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