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Chapter 74 Chapter 74

  • I peered the night of Jakarta through the clear glass wall. The committee booked a room on the sixth floor for me in one of the hotels in South Jakarta. I could see the gorgeous view from above, especially at night. It was my second day in Jakarta. The event where I was invited as one of the public speakers would be held tomorrow. I was always excited to share anything regarding my books with other people particularly young generations. Most of my books reflected my experiences. I did not write to get sympathy nor compliment. My only goal was to encourage young people not to give up no matter how hard the world smashed and brought them down. They could manage to get up and achieve their dreams. Bullying was my main concern in my writing. Through my books, I tried to instill in their mind that bullying was not a form of pride, it was only the act of insecurities and incapabilities.
  • Spending few minutes observing the road with the vehicles out there, I swiped the curtain left to cover the glass wall and headed back to the bed. This room might not be that big yet cozy. I set the temperature medium as I did not like the cold temperature. I had not been used to it since I was a child. I plopped my body on the soft bed blanketed by a white sheet. The table lamp was on, sending its light to the ceiling above me. There was only one big wardrobe on the other side. The shower room was located in the corner. The TV was set across the bed where the people could watch while relaxing on the bed before dozing off.
  • My mind kept my eyes awake. There were many plans I had in my head during my stay in Jakarta. Apart from doing my job, I used this opportunity to search for my mother and Vera. The woman I saw in the department store looked like Vera from her figure. I was pretty sure that the woman with a little girl was Vera. Unfortunately, she walked too quickly that I could not make it to run after her. She disappeared in a wink. Since when could she walk that fast? I knew well her speed. Time changed everything.
  • Meanwhile, there was no clue or additional information about my mother so far. Even our neighbors and Mrs. Ali did not have any idea where my parents moved. I inquired about them during my visit to Mrs. Ali's house last year. Nevertheless, I did not let hopelessness vanquish me. I had a support system, my adoptive parents. They always cheered me up to find my biological mother. I would find her one day.
  • I still could not sleep. I had insomnia recently due to my hectic work. It was still normal, my doctor said. She prescribed some medicine that I could take when I had a problem with regular sleep. After two hours passed, I finally closed my eyes and fell asleep.
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