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Chapter 73 Chapter 73

  • RENO
  • My flight just landed at Soekarno Hatta Airport a half-hour ago. This place was always busy and bustling. The voice from the information center kept announcing the flight schedule; the departure and arrival of the flight. People clustered here and there. Some of them did not want to miss an opportunity to take pictures with icons of Jakarta. Others were passing the corridor quickly, catching the next flight. I and other passengers who were just off board rushed to the baggage claim to collect our baggage. After fetching my luggage rotating around a carousel, I marched toward the arrival hall.
  • I headed to the counter where I could book a taxi. I just needed to tap my fingertip on the machine and chose the taxi I wanted and got the number. It was a queue number that would be displayed on the screen. It took a while until my taxi came due to the traffic jam.
  • The taxi driver assisted me to put my luggage into the car trunk. I slid into the car. The driver was friendly. He talked to me excitedly, inquired about many things such as where I came from. He looked at me from the rearview mirror in awe the time I told him that I was from the US, transitted to Japan before I finally got here. He could not hide his enthusiasm and asked more questions like how many hours of my journey, what I did in the US, if I studied or worked there. On contrary, I was not interested in inquiring anything about him. He told me about his family that he had two children in which one of them aspired to be a pilot. He just did that as I was an Indonesian. He would not tell his personal life to foreigners. He surely treated them nicely and genially though. I just conversed and replied to his inquiry in short because I was too exhausted.
  • The taxi halted once the traffic light turned red. This moment pushed me back to the time I was in the taxi with Ilana. Jakarta would always be the place where I reminisced my past. It did not mean all memories I created were good, some were even worse. Nevertheless, I embraced them all. That was what made me who I was today. If only my father did not send me to the US, my mother would have had more access to hurt me, not physically but mentally. No matter how bad my past was, living in Indonesia upon completion of my study was a plan I had set
  • I flew to Indonesia for my business as well as Ilana. I could not deny that avoiding Alice was also my reason to get back to my country. I had started my small business in publishing one year ago. It was Ilana who inspired me to choose this business. She once said that she wanted to be a writer. It might be the way for me to reunite with her one day.
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