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Chapter 70 Chapter 70

  • Relaxing on the balcony, I enjoyed the view from my apartment while slurping an orange juice and turning the pages of the book in my lap. It was still early in the morning, just six o'clock. I asked Sila, my manager, to set me free from my schedule today as my adoptive mother, Mrs. Ujang urged me to see her today. She moved to Bandung just after I had a stable life. However, we did not stay in the same house. I bought her a house in one of the elite neighborhoods in Bandung.
  • Last night she called me that there was something she had to talk to me about. It was about my future, she said. I never said no to her request. She was like my own mother. Since nine years ago, she took care of me like her own daughter. I was grateful that God destined me to meet her in my darkest phase of life. Although the poverty huddled me to work harder to access university education by doing some part-time jobs including writing for newspapers, I could achieve my dreams.
  • Upon completion of my master's degree in Indonesian literature, I had been living in an apartment in Bandung. I aimed to focus all attention on my job as a professional author. I had been publishing novels, around ten novels so far with one novel was still ongoing. I started my professional writing career since I was in college. My experience in writing had begun since senior high school in which I often published my poems in the school bulletin. Vera, the editor was one part of my past I missed a lot. Where was she? One of her noble dreams was to be a lawyer or a judge to help people gain justice. I believed she could make it come true. She was not only brainy but also a hardworking girl.
  • Aside from my profession as an author, I was also a public speaker. Many institutions invited me to talk about literature and education. The theme of my books was closely related to education, school, literacy, and literature. Literature had been a part of my life.
  • My manager contacted me this morning that she had scheduled my flight to Jakarta for next week. I got an official invitation to be one of the speakers in an event in one of the universities in Jakarta.
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