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Chapter 67 Chapter 67

  • My eyes flickered. White light gleamed and dimmed on my visions. Someone's voice reverbed in my half-consciousness state. It got louder and louder over time. When I had my eyes fully wide open, the strangers, a creased-faces middle-aged woman was the first one I beheld. That woman smiled at me, making her wrinkles deeper.
  • "Who are you?" I was startled and lifted my back from the bed where my body was lying. "Where am I?" I scanned around to acquire a hint of where it was.
  • "My name is Euis. But, people in this neighborhood call me Mrs. Ujang because my husband's name is Ujang. You are at the Cisara village, around three hours from Bandung right now." Her statement bumped me.
  • "Bandung? Are you sure?" She nodded. I examined the room once again. The situation was much different. This place was not big but comfortable. The wall was made of bamboo and the cement floor was so clean. One brown wooden cupboard with a mirror coated some parts of the wall. The bed itself was just a thin mattress covered by a green sheet.
  • "My husband located you at the edge of the road last night. May I know what your name is?" I hesitated to say my name. However, through her appearance and hospitality, there was no doubt that she was a good person. There was no way she had bad intentions to me.
  • "I am Ilana." I mouthed my name.
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