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Chapter 61 Chapter 61

  • Days, weeks, and months passed. Time did not amend Angeline's demeanor. She and her gangs still bullied me whenever they had a chance to do that. Thankfully, School activities occupied me. The library was a place where I spent most of my time at school. Vera and I studied there or just read a book in our free time.
  • Preparing for the state exam was struggling since I was not a typical smart student. It took more time for me to learn the lessons. Fortunately, I had Vera with me who was always helpful and supportive. And in few months we would have a state exam which determined whether or not the students could graduate from this school based on the standard set by the ministry of education. The examination was not easier for most of the students especially me.
  • Vera was having a meeting with other school bulletin staff at this moment. So, she did not join other students in the library. That girl was still active despite just a few months left before the state exam. Yet it was good for her that she had been accepted in one of the universities without a test through school recommendation. I had no choice to continue my study. At least, graduating from senior high school was something I was grateful for.
  • Taking a seat by the window, it was only the books on the table which my brain focused on. I have read three books so far when Kevin closed and seated on the opposite chair. He cupped his chin with his hand and grinned. I glanced around to ensure that there was an empty chair. Unfortunately, all the seats had been taken.
  • "So, which university have you decided to go to?" He queried with his peek at his book. I bet that book did not interest him a lot. Reading or studying might not be his main objective to be here. Talking to him seemed not interesting to me, either. I let him babble out. "Or what major do you plan to take?" He kept asking. Didn't he know studying at University was something I could not afford? "I heard that you like writing. I suggest you take literature or communication." Why was this guy so disturbing?
  • "Could you please be quiet? It's hard for me to concentrate on what I am reading."
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