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Chapter 56 Chapter 56

  • Peering through Kevin's shoulder, it was Vera my eyes attached to. I flinched backward instantly after pushing Kevin's torso away and his hand fell on his sides. With a shocked face, he turned back and Vera had been there shooting him with her gaze I could interpret as repulsion.
  • "Vera..." She sprinted out of the door that led to the front yard. Having an urge to clarify the real fact regarding what she just saw, I soon ran after her. That girl might have inferred that I had affair with Kevin or any other unpleasant thoughts had stimulated her to run out from me. This misunderstanding could result at the end of our friendship because I knew how much he loathed Kevin. She never tolerated me interacting with that boy. The tragedy in the library that destroyed me was the reason why she was overprotective.
  • I was not a running athlete, yet I could count on my capability in sprinting. In less than a minute, my steps had brought me to get to her side. She fully focused her sight on the street ahead. The closer the space between us was, the faster she strolled. As she did not want compromise, I impatiently pulled her hand, forcing her to cease. She rudely said the words I never thought would slip out of her mouth after she yanked back her hand.
  • "How did it feel being hugged by someone who almost harassed you?"
  • "How can you question me such a thing? It was not like what you are thinking about. I almost tumbled and he just helped me. That's it. Besides, I want to live a peaceful life without vengeance."
  • "Should I remind you how he vilified Reno that he was kicked out of the school?"
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