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Chapter 52 Chapter 52

  • Those two fishy men marched toward us hastily. It affirmed that they did not want to lose us. From their appearance, it was clear that they were not a part of those hoodlums. something played in my head. Did they belong to another group of the mafia? Thinking about that cowered me.
  • Dealing with those small criminals freaked me out, struggling hard to flee. What if those two were truly mafias? Could we run off this time? I did not regret my decision to interfere with the persecution Kevin was suffering. However, that incident might send me to get to know what mafias were like. I was convinced that it was not something I expected.
  • On the other hand, Kevin did not seem surprised with their coming as if he had met them before. Nevertheless, it was not denied that he did not feel comfortable seeing them here.
  • "Run."
  • "What? My hand had been twisted with his in no time. Yet, the time did not let us move even an inch as those two men had waylaid us.
  • "Wait!" He addressed it to Kevin, not to me. They ignored me like I was not around. Did I have to say that it was better? "Your mother contacted us that you were in danger. Few unknown men attacked you and the driver on your way to school. The driver managed to escape and called your mother that they kidnapped you. Are you okay?"
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