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Chapter 51 Chapter 51

  • My hands were shaking and my heart was throbbing faster. The sweat had flooded my back and temple. Their glare sent fright to my brain. With a bit of courage, I swallowed the fear that had risen to my throat.
  • The tallest man with a pistol in his hand and sneer on his face scared me by lifting that deadly gun to the air. Shortly, he hauled Kevin's shirt collar and thrust the muzzle of the pistol on his forehead, then shooting me with an ominous look. That boy surrendered under the man's threat.
  • "So, you want to know how to finish one's life with one shot?" That ruthless tattooed man demonstrated his arrogance.
  • "Please, it won't bring any pride even you killed that spoiled boy many times. He is just a truant, lazy, and stupid boy." Kevin's eyes rounded. He did not expect that I threw such words. "I bet your life would be full of bad luck if you are around him." His anger might have been exploded out if only he was not in the worst situation.
  • "Do you think your nonsense can affect me?"
  • "It definitely can if you listen to my next information."
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