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Chapter 43 Chapter 43

  • My instinct remarked that I would not make it this time. The death seemed to get closer because he was only a few meters behind. it might be my end. If there was one thing I wished I could ask for, it was my mother’s exoneration.
  • In no time, my shoulder was numb in his grasp. His clasp remained strong though I had used all my power to debilitate it. His hand covered my mouth. He turned my body to face him. My body gave up in his hands. In shock, I peeked Vera with a big wood in her hand over his shoulder. With her courage and agility, Vera successfully knocked him out only in one attempt. That man collapsed on the ground. The blood trickled down from his head.
  • “He’s still alive, isn’t he?” I ensured.
  • Instead of responding to my question, Vera seized my hand and got away. We rushed. I did not find it difficult to do it. But, Vera had to struggle to equal my pace. She paused to take a breath. While Vera was recharging her energy, I looked back to make sure that the man still fainted. He did not hunt us.
  • “Thank you,” I said sincerely while tidying up my t-shirt.
  • “This is why I urge you to go to school. You can only avoid that kind of person if you stay away from the place where you are now.” She ceased. What she meant was clear. “It means you have to have a better life. The only way to pursue that is through good education.” She asserted. “Please...don’t mind those who never invest anything in your future life. Don’t give a damn on the people who contribute nothing except pains. Don’t let them define your happiness, success, and even your life.”
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