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Chapter 42 Chapter 42

  • The sun emitted its light through the foliage of the big tree that shadowed the long bench where we had been sitting since five minutes ago. The wind swished in my ear through hand fanning my neck as if whispering something I could not fathom. Getting on public transport with many people inside it made me sweat. I let my face up listening to the sparrows chirping while waiting for words from Vera’s mouth.
  • We were in the park. It would be a perfect place for us to talk about the things I did not want to expose to my mother. It was the bullying I had grappled that compelled me to give up. The only thing my mother conceived about my decision to drop out of school was solely due to my desire and accord. As far as she knew nobody intimidated me to do so. At least I felt relieved she thought that way. I could not imagine how hard it was for her if she found the fact that her daughter had to go through hell at school almost every day.
  • “His father sent him abroad yesterday.” Vera initiated the conversation. I understood the person she referred to. It was Reno. It did not jerk me since I got the information from Kevin two days ago. That boy’s plan to obviate Reno was successful. I let out of breath, throwing my disquietude away. Reno should not have been of my concern yet there was a pain inside me every time I thought that I probably would not see him for the rest of my life. “You know what? The CCTV and the pictures taken and shared by someone on social media confirmed that it was Reno, the one who was with you in the library.”
  • “No way, it was Kevin who resembled Reno by putting on glasses.” I defied.
  • “It was too late for you to reveal that now. Nobody believed that he was innocent. Even his father got wrath. If only....”
  • “I were not selfish”
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