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Chapter 40 Chapter 40

  • He looked over his shoulder and his eyes drifted on me. My feet automatically darted back. His presence turned the day even hotter. After parking his motorcycle, that conceited boy came near to me. Before he managed to get closer, I swiveled and took my steps away. Woefully, it was too late. I had to quit when his hand clung to mine. My power could not save me from his seize.
  • “Is it a pride to hurt a week girl like me?” He finally let go of my hand which had reddened. His grip was too strong.
  • “I come here to beg for your forgiveness.”
  • “What? After all that you have done, do you think an apology is enough? Do you realize the effect of your action? No, you don’t. Never. Your life gives you the privilege to do whatever you want so that you never see the other sides of life. You are not aware of what life means to other people. You don’t understand how others fight for their life. Because do not need to work hard in your whole life. You can get all your necessity with one order. All people around you will do what you ask them to.”
  • “Are you done?”
  • “Not yet! You don’t deserve my pardon.” I left him with satisfaction. But, then his voice stopped me from taking more steps.
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