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Chapter 37 Chapter 37

  • Vera’s aunt barged inside even though Vera had impeded. Her appearance was casual with a dark blue t-shirt and black jeans. The mocha leather bag was dangling on one side of her shoulders. Her high heels knocked on the floor loudly that bothered my hearing. Her straight short black hair framed her oval face with big dark eyes, a sharp nose, and striking red full lips.
  • That sniffy woman sat on the sofa and took off her sunglasses. She looked around the room. Her eyes moved from one object to another as if checking them out one by one to search for something. Our mouth shut. It was only my gaze that kept following where her eyes set on. Vera’s feet were helplessly glued at their place. She did not seem interested in interacting with her aunt. The way she disregarded that woman emphasized her hatred.
  • “How can you be here?” Vera asked without looking at her.
  • “What do you expect? Tony paid for the bail. See, Vera! The world even supports me.” Tony was a rich man. It was an easy thing to set him and that woman free from the prison with bail. “This apartment and its content can’t even pay what I have sacrificed for you after my sister, your mother left you with me.” She babbled out. “She only gave me obstacles. Because of her, I lost the one I love. And now, her daughter was trying to imprison me. What a like mother, like a daughter. If there is one thing I wish I never did in my life, it is looking after you.”
  • “You are not invited here. You are free to leave.” Vera said coldly. She did not give a damn to what her aunt uttered.
  • “How can you cast me out of my apartment? I own this apartment now. You have signed the document. I hope you won’t forget it.”
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