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Chapter 26

  • It was so unbelievable that Vera had a spouse. She was too young, only seventeen years old. It could be someone else, the girl who just looked like her. Vera might have a sister. Or is it my brain that did not function well after all I had undergone? I speculated.
  • “Miss, sorry. But, you may go out now.” The woman politely urged me out of the house. I walked off with curiosity in my head.
  • In my whole life, no one occupied my thought except my mother. Witnessing the intimate physical contact of a girl who resembled Vera with a man, I could not help but concern about Vera, the only student beside Reno who treated me with respect at school.
  • Vera acted normally at school on the following day as if nothing agitated her. If the girl I saw in that house were truly Vera, then she could perfectly cover up her secret. She looked more than happy when she was joking around with her friends.
  • “Hi! What book are you reading?” She greeted me when she just took a seat opposite me in the library. Her broad smile indicated that she was fine.
  • “The Old man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway,” I displayed the title to her. “It is the Indonesian version,” I added.
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