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Chapter 23

  • “Reno, how can you find me here?”
  • “We don’t have much time, Ilana. Let’s get out of here.” He drew my hand out of the shed.
  • We sneaked out of the place where I was caged. Reno guided me to safe spots. The lights on the ceiling sent a dim beam to the area below. It helped us enough to run away. In no time, we had reached the road where a cab had been waiting for us.
  • I never expected that I could run this far without pausing, even a second. It might be my desire to live longer or remembrance about my mother which had transferred huge energy to me so that my power was recharged.
  • Reno opened the door for me and I got inside in anxiety. My look was not even better than a homeless. My reddish face, messy hair, watery eyes and nose, wounded lips, and blistered arms proved that I had just gone through extremely bad things.
  • The driver stole a glance from the rearview mirror. His eyes depicted misery rather than curiosity. My jawline stretched forming a tiny smile, signaling that I was alright. And it sufficed to switch his focus. It was only the road ahead he was watching.
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