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Chapter 14

  • I cursed Kevin for what he did to me, locking me in this old storeroom. As far as I knew, this place was no longer used to store the sport kits or handcrafts the students created. The ambiances emitted a mystical and eerie aura. The spider web decorated the wall and the door. On the other side, the broken chairs and tables which spread around the room successfully turned this place overwhelmed.
  • I loathed darkness. It was hard for me to breathe in the dark. I could not help but screaming for help, hoping the miracle happened. Someone would found me here.
  • In despair of kneeling and drumming the door, I heard someone called my name from afar. Her voice became louder and louder. Another voice followed that filled my heart with relief. At least, I would be a step closer to get out of here. Slowly but sure, the white light gleamed my face and dazzled my eyes for a while. I shielded my eyes with my hands. The door broke open.
  • “Ilana, “ I was startled and woke up from a nightmare. Sweats flooded my forehead. And some dripped from my hair. “You seem to have a nightmare,” One of them told me. I was still in the car when I was fully awake. I let out a sigh.
  • “Yes. It was really bad.” The girl with short hair handed me a tumbler containing mineral water. I gulped it until the last drop.
  • “Are you okay?” she looked worried as a reaction to what I did, finishing the water in a big tumbler. I just nodded as a response. She pulled her lips to form a sweet smile. This girl was kind and caring even though we just knew each other tonight. I initiated the conversation with her until the car stopped near the alley to get to my house.
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