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Chapter 12

  • “Are you okay?” Reno startled me with his sudden existence at the food counter. Pausing from my activity, I gave him a shocked look. That spectacled boy looked straight into my eyes showing that he was a bit worried.
  • “I’m fine,” I answered him nonchalantly. “Please, stay where you should be. Don’t act as though we knew each other.” I said harshly. My tongue couldn’t handle the word coming out of my mouth. It might twinge his hearth. I didn’t see offense in his eyes. He held up his empty glass, instead and asked me to pour apple juice into it.
  • “Thank you,” he quoth with a smile on his face. This boy perfectly hid what he had in his mind. Showing that nothing bothered him seemed to be one of his strengths.
  • He walked back to his place, at the seat in the corner. Kevin and his mother sang a song along with the guests. The time ticked by quickly enough. After singing two songs, that mother and son talked with the MC. The MC wished Kevin a happy birthday and called Mr. Wijaya to join them on the stage. The stage was not big enough, but elegant. The balloons decorated that simple yet intriguing stage.
  • Mr. Wijaya was standing on the stage while looking around. He tried spotting where Reno was. I turned my head to Reno sitting far from the crowd. He wasn’t there. He vanished because I found him nowhere.
  • “Do you have a girlfriend, Kevin?” The MC’s question attracted all the. Angeline confidently and proudly upheld her shoulder. A flash of haughty smile arose on her pretty face. She was convinced that it was her name Kevin would mention before all the respected guests. She could bet no other girl at the party deserved Kevin’s affection.
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