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Chapter 9 Come with me

  • I stood still in confusion, wondering what Vic was referring to. It was after a few seconds it hit me.
  • "My period?" I wondered.
  • "Oh, shit." He was panicking too much for his own good. He opened the back door and leaned in to grab a jacket.
  • He pulled me closer to him so my back was against him and proceeded to wrap the jacket around my waist. I held my breathe in that short time, wondering what he was going to do to me .
  • "I'm so sorry." He pulled away after securing the jacket in place, "I had no idea, else, I'd have found a way to stay home and let you get ready. You must be so embarrassed." He couldn't maintain eye contact with me.
  • "For one, you look like the embarrassed one." I teased, pulling the sleeves of the black jacket he had used on me, making it tighter. "I lost track of my date. It's fine." I shrugged, "just get me some pain killers and a tampon and I'll be fine. It's just blood, calm your horses." I chuckled. I thought it was cute how he had reacted.
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