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Chapter 6 Barbie puke

  • This did not stop me from increasing my pace. I was out of breath and I had barely run anywhere. The maze of grass was confusing for me but wherever I saw a path, I took it.
  • It was not surprising that one of them soon Caught up with Me. the I groaned, Struggling to pull as Free from His-'tight Grip AS of He pressed My the Back Against His-Chest to Secure Me in Place.
  • "Let Me Go you Son of A Bitch!" the I yelled, pressing My Barefoot Against His-. That DID not Affect HIM AS of He Held, Me the even Tighter.
  • "the What at The Fuck IS the this Bitch's problem?" Anthony stepped in Front of Me, Taking My Hand from My Captive Whom is the I now IDENTIFIED to BE Jay. His-Red Hair seemed to annoy Me now.
  • "The What at The Fuck IS My problem?" The I widened My Eyes, "Why DID you the bring Me here Wallpaper? Fucking the let Me Go!" The I snapped AT HIM. "This IS Madness, you Son of A Bitch. Let Me Go!"
  • " You aren't leaving." He said, handling me like a child and pulling me back into the house.
  • "Engage the security doors." He said, not looking back, when all five of us were back in the house.
  • "You cunt!" I kept screaming, fear creeping in by now. I had a feeling I was going to be stuck here for a long time. "Help!" I yelled, sought for the only, closest solution.
  • "Vic, handle this thing .. I.. I can't take it anymore, I could shoot her head off." Anthony grunted, aggressively letting go of me. That got me to be silent.
  • Vic was nice enough to receive my hand and take me back to the room I had been previously.
  • "You don't understand." I began, inserting my pleading voice. "I need to get out of here. My roommate will be out, looking for me and it is just a matter of time before he files a missing report. That means he isn't home and that equals no one to feed my dog, Bowie hates not being fed, please, you have to see things from my point of view."
  • Vic sighed and stuffed his hands into his pocket. "I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do. Once Anthony's mind is made up, there is no going back." He said.
  • "But why?"
  • "You saw him as Park. That has never happened, no one, not even the organisers have and until we figure out a way to deal with this." I loved his deep, soothing voice. He made me want to forget that they were doing something wrong to me. "You are staying here, I'm sorry
  • "That ain't my fault? What are you going to do to me? Find someone who can wipe all my memories?" I scoffed at him.
  • "Maybe." He chuckled and let me tell you, I just heard an angel laugh .
  • "Wow." I blurted. "Vic, I will do anything I promise. You seem to be the only sane one around here, trust me, I won't tell a soul anything." I lowered my voice and bit my lower lip, moving closer to him. I wanted to wrap my arms around his neck but I was too short for that and so I pressed my head against his chest. "I can make you feel things you have never felt, freely. Just get me out of here."
  • He was surprised but his face held no judgement as he slowly retreated. "I wish I could help you but I can't." He sighed, "but if it makes you feel better, we can call your Alex on my phone with a hidden number just to let him know you are doing okay?"
  • "If that is my only choice, who am I to refuse?" I stretched my hand to him.
  • He placed his phone on my hand and as fast as I could, ignoring that of He WAS Leaning over My shoulder the Just to Peak INTO at The Phone, the I Dialed Alex's Phone Number The.
  • "the Hello?" His-exhausted Voice Came in.
  • "Alex, IT's Clara ..." the I Began But of He Cut Me OFF.
  • "Bitch,where the hell are you? Are you fucking mad? Do you know how worried I was? Where did you go with Park? I got a black eye because I tried to make my way into the room he had taken you. Do you…"
  • "Jeez, calm down, I'm fine really." I swallowed, wanting so much to spill. But I knew it would be useless especially because Alex could do nothing and Vic had been kind enough to trust me with his phone. I was going to get him on my side eventually.
  • "Okay but where are you?" Alex was calmer now. "I'm sorry, I was just upset and worried."
  • "It's okay. I won't be home tonight but I' ll make sure to phone you soon. Just don't worry about me okay?" I tried to sound as positive as I could.
  • "What do you mean by that? Did he take you captive? You sound like you are lying. Do you want me to call the police?" He asked in a rushed tone.
  • I looked up at Vic and shook my head, faking enthusiasm, "bitch shut the fuck up, I said I was fine, calm your damn horses." I rolled my eyes. "Look, I'll call you soon and explain it all but right now, I'm with an old friend and I'm doing fine. Just take good care of Bowie. Love you."
  • "Clara…"
  • "Good night." I chuckled and hung up on him before handing the phone back to Vic. "Thank you." I sighed.
  • "You're welcome." He grinned.
  • "Okay but before you go, can I hug you?"
  • "Wait, what?"
  • "Your chest is so big and so comforting… "I moved closer to him and rested my head. I was hoping he would feel something from the touch, I wasn't craving intimacy just to get him on my side,I knew it wasn't the right time, but I was aroused by all these men and I wanted it here and now.
  • It might have worked when I pressed myself closer to him, squeezing my boobs against his rock hard abdomen because I noticed his body relax. I knew damn right we would have taken things to the next level if the barbie puke woman didn't walk in on us.
  • Not wanting an explanation, this woman charged right at us, ready to pounce on me.