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Chapter 3 He is leaning closer

  • "What the fuck are you doing? Let me out of this car!" I raised my voice as I banged on the expensive glass as if my minimal effort would shatter it.
  • "This is kidnapping for the love of God, let me out of here!" I cried, "I swear I'd call cops on you!' I screamed. I had been arrested so many times for domestic things, like being in a strip club, illegal sex work, and I definitely would stay from the police but this man didn't know thet so I could threaten him. He for one was not appearing threatened.
  • I knew there was no saving me so I gave up talking. I hugged my arms and widened my eyes. This definitely had something to do with Park.What if he wanted to kill me for finding out about his identity?
  • I gulped and looked out the window to see if I could capture any landmarks but there was none.
  • So many questions ran through my head, why would someone as wealthy as Park want to venture into illegal deals? What would Alex do without me?
  • I swallowed my questions, knowing we were headed somewhere at least and I'd just have to find out …
  • *
  • The heavy built man finally stopped the car and that made me lift my head reflexively. He had parked in front of a mansion. From the gate, one could already see the view from here even in the night sky. It was illuminated from inside with the brightest lights I'd ever seen. There was a pool right in the middle of the n- shaped house. My jaw dropped to the floor as I stepped out of the car to the chilling night time breeze.
  • "Okay so is this heaven and what it looks like?" I asked him rhetorically, eyeing the neatly trimmed rows of small trees lining the floor in a maze.
  • "Follow me." He spoke for the first time, causing me to freeze. His deep voice was the key to my soul. He sounded like one of those radio presenters you never wanted to stop listening to.
  • I followed behind him quietly. If this was where I'd been kidnapped to, maybe it wasn't so bad after all.
  • "Okay this is paradise and all but what are you going to do to me? I need my phone back, I have to let my friend know I'm doing fine." I said.
  • He ignored me and let me into the living room and as if what this hotel looking building was outside, was not enough, the interior was even crazier.
  • I gasped at the sight of the numerous stairs in the room. The floor was a brown marble and spiral steps that led to a balcony with a view of a sea beside the house stood at a lateral part of the house.
  • The nameless man looked up at me and nodded in the direction of the steps, signalling that I followed after him.
  • This time, I didn't resist because, curiosity. We got to the room on the first floor and my eyes went blank. It was empty except for a bed in the center of the black marble floor and the white painted room didn't even possess a curtain.
  • "One would expect that with all of these dramatic ass buildings, this room would be made of gold." I scoffed at him but that was when I heard a door shut behind me. I ran to it with a gasp and banged furiously when I heard the click that followed. "You son of a gun, why would you lock me in here?" I snapped at him but there was nothing. I knew he wasn't coming back and so I gave it up and went to sit by the edge of the bed. What did these people want with me? What were they going to do to me?
  • I closed my eyes and had no idea when
  • I fell asleep on that huge, mighty bed.
  • *
  • "Bowie, stop." I groaned. Bowie didn't stop. He was hovering over me. "Bowie, I said go outside." I raised my voice this time, tilting my head from left to right.I still wanted to enjoy my beauty sleep.
  • "What is a Bowie?" A deep, scratchy voice filled my ears and that made me snap my eyes fully open.
  • A shirtless man was only a few inches above me, his tall body frame occupying the air. His hands were rested by my side and he looked like he was lost in thoughts.
  • I gasped and tried to sit up but there was barely any space for me to.
  • It was Anthony and for some reason, he was leaning his face closer to mine.
  • "Wh..what are you doing?" I gulped.